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Bees are insects that can produce honey. They are also essential in the pollinating process which allow apples and grapes to grow.

Bees can be found in the swamp biome in a wild hive upon the branch of a Bald Cypress Tree. Wild hives are harmless unless the tree they occupy is disturbed by a player interaction, once disturbed they will form a swarm which can sting and poison the player upon contact. The swarm may also eventually form a new hive at a nearby Bald Cypress Tree.

A swarm of angry bees move fast at one move per time and can move 20 times before despawning, making the maximum distance they can go 20 tiles in any direction.


Bees can be easily domesticated by a player using bee combs obtained from wild hive to make artificial hives.

To obtain a wild hive first stand at the left of the tree with a hive, then, to prevent the bees from harm you, place a item on the the tile you are standing (preferentially a sharp stone) then take the hive from the tree and drop it on the ground. The hive have to be dropped very quickly otherwise the hive will turn into a swarm of bees. When the hive is laid on the ground a swarm of bees will come out of it, so wait on top of the item you previously placed until the swarm disbands. When you use a sharp stone in the fallen hive in the ground you will obtain a bee comb. You can then use the bee comb to make domestic hives. The process involves combining boards and bee combs to make bee boxes, they are them placed on platforms made hitting boards with a smithing hammer. A domestic hive can have from one up to three bee boxes.

When arranging domestic hives it is advised to make sure all the surrounding tiles of the hive are unoccupied, as leaving them occupied may result in a bug that causes the complete vanishing of the Domestic Hive.


While a Honeybee may also be found rarely in the Badlands, it can also be considered the domestic form of bees. Once a domestic hive is established, a honeybee will spawn every once in a while to obtain nectar from surrounding Flowering Milkweed or Flowering Apple Tree, this will pollinates the tree and eventually results in a full Apple Tree. When the honeybee has nectar, its body will turn red, and it will despawn back in the domestic hive in order to create honey.


Bee Box Comb[]

A Bee Box Comb is obtained by clicking on a Domestic Hive with honey. The honey can be seen gushing out of the Bee Boxes. It is advisable not to get all of the Bee Box Combs from the Domestic Hive, as taking all the honey can agitate the bees and turn them into Swarm of Angry Bees which are deadly. A Bee Box comb may be placed on the ground as is or put inside a Mason Jar for storage.


Honey may be obtained by using a Mason Jar of Honeycomb on a bowl of water that is simmering over hot coals. After two minutes, the coals will turn into ashes and a bowl of honey. This bowl of honey may be eaten as is but may also be put inside a Mason Jar for to create Mason Jar of Honey, which can be eaten for food four times.


An Apple may be obtained from Apple Trees, but it needs the help of bees in order to form. Placing a Domestic Hive near an Apple Tree will eventually create apples. Apple Trees cycles through different stages in its life, and when it is in its Flowering Apple Tree form, the honeybee will be able to pollinate it, turning the flowers red. One hour after it has been successfully pollinated, it will turn into a Fruiting Apple Tree, from which five apples may be picked from.

Vial of Medicine[]

Combining an apple with a Mason Jar of Honey will create a Vial of Medicine. A Vial of Medicine may be used to treat bite wounds, snake wounds, knife wounds, etc.