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This page will serve as a basic How to play guide for Two Hours, One Life. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Basic Gameplay[]

First, you have to find food. There are a lot of ways to get food, namely getting berries from a bush. Grab a round stone and sharpen it against another rock as a tool for gathering materials. The game has a progression of technology so the priorities and roles you can play will vary depending on your towns level of advancement. As an Eve, the first of a new family, or spawning into an early settlement called an 'Eve village' the game will be a frantic struggle for survival. Foraging food from the wild and gathering other natural resources will be the first priority. As advancements are made new roles open up, creating a forge will mean someone will need to forge steel and make tools which can make you more efficient. Nearby wild foods will be quickly exhausted by a growing population so setting up a farm early in the game is vital, once you have a farm you will want a kitchen & having a kitchen means you can work as a cook, creating a wider variety of food so people can Yum chain (see tips and tricks) and many recipes will provide more food pips than the raw ingredients would have. Progression is natural and with each advancement by your town new jobs are created, like miners, tending to live stock, being a tailor, etc. Survive and advance. There is lots to learn, many roles to play, and every game will be different.


You just need a mouse, right click does almost everything, left click to move and interact with object too.

To use a box or backpack use right click to swap out items like food or small tools inside it.

Tips and tricks[]

-When you first spawn in as a baby or even as an eve, make sure to make a home marker using a skewer (which is a cut sapling) and a round stone.

-A good way to control hunger is to use the ingame yum system, when you first pick up a food look by your food bars. It will say yum or meh, eating yum foods only will give you a yum chain. Yum chaining will allow you to store food as if your overeating and allow you more and more time to do things in-game. If you eat meh instead you will end up needing to eat more and faster, the higher the yum chain the longer you can go without needing to eat.

-As a baby you will only be able to say one or two letters at a time, to let your mom know you are hungry say F, it is the in-game universal way of saying I am hungry please feed me.

-If you stand on an item wild animals can not bite you, they act like an object and need a place to stand to actually do damage to you.

- As a baby STAY where your mother puts you. Only follow her if she tells you to. You can starve very quickly as a baby & you can easily lose your mom if you try running after her.

-If you are cold your food bar goes down faster. Wearing clothes, getting next to a fire, or being in a room with a fire and closed doors will all warm you up.

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