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A Vial of Medicine is a mod item that is crafted by combining an Apple with a Mason Jar of Honey. The vial has one use and can be used to heal a player who has been bitten by a snake or stabbed by a knife. Once it has been used it will return to being an empty Mason Jar. You do not need Sterile Wool Pads to clean the wound before using the Vial of Medicine. If you do clean it, then you would only be able to heal the wound with a Needle and Thread.

Wounds Unaffected By Vial of Medicine[]

Not all wounds and disease can be cured with the Vial of Medicine, this is a list of ailments that can't be healed with it.

  • Wolf Bite
  • Bison Puncture Wound
  • Mean Pit Bull Bite
  • Arrow Wound
  • Bee Sting
  • Grizzly Bear or Polar Bear Bite
  • Yellow Fever